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Friday, October 17, 2014

The UFOs must go....

You know...  all those UnFinished Objects.  The ones we are so inspired to make so we start them, and then run out of steam before they're completed. But we can't throw them away, certain at another time we'll be inspired to pick up the pieces and finish.

And I promised myself that when we got back to the US, I would have no more UFOs.  None.  Nada.  Either finish it, tear it apart to make into something else, or hand it off to somebody else to finish.  And it's a good plan, but what I didn't expect to find when I unpacked the boxes left here in storage was the UFOs that I packed away.  :(

An infinity scarf -- now in my defense, I actually didn't start this one until after we came back.  It was the yarn itself which I found packed in a box...  full of yarn.  Happily, I am making good time and progress on this particular project and expect to have it done in the next few days.

Oh boy...  this is the beginnings of a blanket/afghan which I am crocheting.  With an F hook.  WHO thought this was a good idea??!!!!  For those who don't know, an F hook is small.  See the scarf above, I am using an H hook on that -- 2 sizes larger.  I am going to complete this project -- one row at a time.  It may take me a year, but I'll get it done.

This...  I'm not sure, but I think it started out as a potholder pattern, but was going to be a trivet type thing.  It shouldn't take long to finish...  once I find the pattern.

This one and the next are NOT MY FAULT!!!!  I inherited these incomplete projects when my mother passed away....  9 years ago.  She made this particular piece in about 1981.  I think it's called hand crewel stitch.  Not sure.  It can easily be made into a pillow.  I may offer it to an aunt as an inspiration piece for some decorative pillows I am making for her.

Also my mother's work.  I am sure this one was also made during the early 1980s, and I'm really not sure what to do with it.  It's a cross stitch piece, quite lovely actually, but I don't like the sentiment.  It would be pretty finished in a wooden frame as a wall hanging.

Hello sock monkey hat #2.  Isabelle has claimed this one as her own, so I better get it done soon.

Yea, you've seen the nylon mesh scrubbies for sale at the craft fairs, right?  I've seen them too and walked away thinking well I can make one of those rather than paying $3.  Three bucks!!  What a cheapskate I am!!  Next time I'll just buy the dratted thing, but until then I am committed to making this one.

And last, but not least, the most recent acquisition...  a poodle skirt halloween costume for Isabelle because I was NOT going to buy or make an Elsa dress!  No  No  No  NO  :)

Where to start?  I think what I'll do is work on the infinity scarf for the next couple days to see if I can get it done since it's already started and nearing completion.  And whether it's done or not, I'll start the poodle skirt on Sunday and hopefully get it 100% done.

When these two are done, I'll commit to working a row on the never-ending blanket each and every day.  It's over 200 stitches in each row so that's a lot.  And I'll get going on the sock monkey hat for some variety.

Ok!!  That's the plan!!  Hold me to it!!  :)  Oh wait..  I just remembered the fabric I brought from Australia to make myself a work apron.  Good grief.

Let me hear about your UFOs.  I know I'm not the only one who has them.  Come on and join me!  We'll knock them out together.

One step at a time...

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  1. Ah yes. I had a few UFOs that I had to leave behind. What was really hard to let go of were all my scraps and odd balls :-( I am starting to have a few UFOs around now--a couple of cross-stitch doodles that I need to finish in some way--I know how I'm going to do one of them, and need to tat a ribbon for that. And of course now we are entering into Christmas stitching season--at least that comes with a built-in deadline!

    It's not exactly a UFO, because I never started it, but I have dragged around a Christmas cross stitch kit I got in Norway in 1998! It went from Norway to Alaska to southern Oregon to Niagara Falls to Maine to Ireland--LOL. Maybe I will dedicate myself to making it in time for next Christmas.

    An afghan with an F hook. Wow. One good thing is that you will always have a project you can pick up and work on when you have a few minutes. Your infinity scarf looks great--hope you finish soon :-) Stitch on!!