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How to Write a Budget

Here we are at the beginning of not only a new month, but also a new year.  How time does fly!  Happy New Year!!

It's a perfect time for setting new goals in the different areas of  your life -- money, health, fitness, parenting, relationships, job, education. Where to even start, right?

For me, since money ties in with everything else in my life, that's where I am starting, and I invite you to come along with me.

Now, this isn't the first time I'e written a budget, but since it's a new year, it's as good a time as any to dust it off and spiffy it up a bit with a fresh new start.

So, what is a budget? A bad word? A restriction on my fun? Hard? I don't know. (At least that's an honest answer.) Something that always ends up as a fight? (I hope not.)

Well, all of these may be true, but truly, a budget is just a plan or a map for achieving your goals. It's easy, after you learn how to do it. It's a tool which takes the fight out of the money in your r…