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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Biggest Personal Challenge....

....getting through my day without it or me falling apart.

Mornings are tight and go well for me.  I have set things that have to be done before we leave to take Husband to work, which takes us into town.  And being in town lends itself to running errands on the days there are errands to run.

Usually, I can keep things pretty well on track up through lunch and then some down time when Daughter may take a nap and I escape into a crochet or sewing project and a show to watch.

But recovery from the down time is difficult, and there is still dishes to wash, supper to prepare, more dishes to wash, tidying up to do, and Daughter's bedtime routine to oversee.

As an in-home parent, there is minimal accountability, which isn't to say I don't feel bad when I fall apart, because I do. I just don't know how to use that to do better next time.

And not all my days are as challenging as others, but I haven't been able to identify what makes one better than another.

I know I do better when I put routines in place and work from a list, usually.  I don't know if I am lazy, lack self-discipline, or if this is a long-term effect from the TBI I went through 25+ years ago.

If I were to graph my days, they would be erratic, with high peaks and low valleys, and what I'd like to work toward is more of a pattern of rolling hills.  I need to do this for myself and for my family.

So, my fellow stay-at-homers, how do you organize your days?  How do you stay on track or get yourself back on track when you slip off?  Is there a manual book I'm missing?  How do I get myself on a more even keel?

What is your biggest personal challenge? Looking for an accountability partner?  We could work together.

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