Custom Pillowcases

My sewing machine is warmed up and I am loving making these pillow cases!

This stripe with blue and green shows the same technique I used on the first one, but I included the third strip of fabric for contrast.  Isn't that lovely?

And here with the owls, I made that third contrasting piece a little wider (2" rather than just 1").  I really do love this one.  The owls are so much fun and the bright colors are just cheeky!

Pricing -- To cover the cost of fabric and pay myself for my time, a single pillowcase will be $15 and a set of two will be $25.  That is for standard sized pillows.  Queen and king would be a bit more for more fabric. A travel size pillow will be less.

These custom made pillowcases are totally worth that price.  They are made from a good quality, 100% cotton fabric, are well-made by me personally, and I will work with you on fabric/color selection.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Nursery, Juvenile, and Calico fabrics are all available in solid, stripes, and many other patterns.

I am open for business!  Message me for more information and to place your order.

Thank you!


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