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Monday, October 6, 2014

Frugal Win

Yesterday's frugal win -- Husband showed me where the sole on his brand new dress shoes for work was already coming off. I suggested he take the shoes to the local shoe store that does repairs. Frugal win, right?  Not so much because we'd still be out the cost of the repair on a less than 3 weeks old pair of expensive shoes.
So later when I realized I had no yeast to make bread and we were at the point where bread had to be either made or bought, and the store where I wanted to buy the bulk yeast is on the north side of town, I suggested we take the shoes back to the store of purchase which is also on the north side of town.  Frugal win!!  They happily replaced the shoes on the spot.  Didn't even have to wait for them to be ordered in.

Here's the bread...

What's your frugal win today?


  1. My frugal win was discovering that the wind and heavy rain did not wipe out all of the remaining wild blackberries :-) I have started carrying a couple of containers in my backpack so we can pick 'em when we see 'em and today we got another container and a half. We may get a few more--still some that aren't yet ripe--but I think we are nearing the end now. I have almost an entire freezer drawer full of containers of chunky fruit sauce in various combinations and a few more of sale apples and wild blackberries in the fridge--great on oatmeal in the mornings or in yogurt.

    Your bread looks wonderful :-) Bet it tastes amazing!!

    1. I'd LOVE to be out and find wild berries and other fruits for foraging. Well done on not passing up that opportunity!

    2. I'd like to find a book about local wild foods. I had one in Fairbanks (from the library) and I went out on our property and found what we had there--turned out it was quite a bit. Then in southern Oregon there were apple and apricot trees along a walking path. We started taking those--some we kept and some we gave away. No one was picking the fruit and it was just making a mess on the path. I couldn't bear to see it go to waste. We haven't seen anyone picking berries here, either! I was hoping to get "some" berries when they ripened, but I assumed that many people would be out picking them. I was wrong. It seems such a shame--I know some cities/towns have groups that go and pick that stuff and bring it to folks that need it. I like that idea!