Yarn sizes, weights, content; and a blanket

I knew it! When I started crocheting here in Australia, I used the size yarn which is most common, 8 ply, but I knew deep down that it wasn't I was used to. It was smaller. But even though I searched and searched I couldn't find a conversion chart to verify my belief.

And then, I got off the internet, browsed the crochet books at the library, and voile! There it is. 8 ply is the equivalent to DK/Light-worsted in US, and I had mostly used Worsted weight, the equivalent of 10-ply here in Aus.

I've set a goal of completing at least one crochet project each month thinking that would be no problem.  Well, this blanket that I've started just isn't going to get done in time.  The yarn is an 8-ply and I'm working it with only a size F hook.  It's 260 stitches across.  (Who thought this was a good idea??!!)

So to meet my goal, I'm going to sneak in a small fingerless glove project for my daughter and keep the blanket going into next month.

I'd love to hear from you about your latest project.  How is it going?


  1. Making a blanket with an F hook will certainly provide you with many hours of happy crochet time! Good value for money as they say here!

    I am between projects. This will have to be remedied rather quickly, I think, otherwise poor Bill will not be a happy camper ;-) The other night I finished the project I was working on, which started out as a thread shawl, but then morphed into something else at the last minute when I decided to close up the front, leaving a neck opening. Guess it's a poncho of sorts now. It's made of odd balls and scraps, so has stripes which are horizontal in back and vertical in front. I like the way it came out and this way I should still be able to wear it and use my backpack, too, without it slipping around. It was very humid and sticky yesterday, so I didn't start a new project and I was cranky enough not to even be able to think of what I want to start next. It doesn't seem as bad today.

    I hope this doesn't show up twice. I typed a comment and then it disappeared, but if it comes back, feel free to delete!

    Have fun with the fingerless gloves! Post pictures when they're done!

  2. Thanks Shari. Your projects are always so inspiring. Maybe someday I'll be at your level of skill, but for now I'll stick to patterns. And I'll be sure to post the fingerless mitts. :)


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