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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Plan for Today... or Tomorrow

I finished the book I was reading at 11:40 last night, which sadly is WAY past my usual bedtime of 9pm.  So needless to say, this morning did not start off in a stellar way.

But I'm up and going, chickens are fed, and laundry is started.  It will take a minute to wash up the breakfast dishes, and then on with the day.

I had thought I would drive to the Big City (Toowoomba) today, but I think my time is best spent at home.  Somehow I've gotten behind on laundry and you know how that goes.. it won't get done if I'm not home.

But I am excited about this upcoming trip to Toowoomba for a couple reasons -- 1)  since the Big Move from the US to Aus, I've only driven into the city by myself..  um, 1 other time.  I mean I drive around Dalby all the time so it's not that I can't drive.  But usually when we go to Toowoomba or on down to the coast, K is driving and I get to play tourist (gawk out the window and take pictures).

 And 2)  I came across a meal plan for a month, buying all the food at Aldi for just $150 US.  And I'm eager to do the shopping here for a comparison.  But that is for tomorrow.

Today is a day of laundry, baking banana muffins, crochet, and research for a Community Garden project I'm dreaming up.  More on that later.

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