My (new and improved) Capsule Wardrobe

I've been flirting around the edges of a capsule wardrobe for a few years without ever fully embracing the entire concept of a mixy-matchy collection of clothes. The closest I've even been was last summer when I had 4 outfits I rotated through each week

That same collection of 4 outfits makes up the base of my wardrobe here in Australia - 3 pr capri pants, 4 brightly colored t-shirts, and 2 long-sleeve shirts for layering over. And I've added a couple pair of jeans since it's colder here than I expected. But otherwise my collection has stayed the same - a mixture of a lot of different colors without any sense of mixy-matchy.

And then....
I go to put away my freshly laundered clothes this evening, and I have a moment of inspiration as I look into my closet. What I see is that a LOT of my long-sleeve shirts are blue and white, and I have one more pair of white capri pants and a bright yellow shirt still hanging with them.

Blue (which is and always has been my favorite color), white, and yellow!!

Hello! I LOVE blue, white, and yellow and together. My last set of dishes were white with a blue and yellow flower pattern. I'd be so very happy to decorate my entire house in blue, white, and yellow. How did I not think of this before?

It's not a lot, but it's a start as I go forward, excited about my clothes collection. Clothes that I enjoy wearing and are flattering.



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