Book of the Week "The Tightwad Gazette II"

The Tightwad Gazette II
by Amy Dacyczyn

Amy was the Frugal Zealot who came on the scene in the early 1990s with her monthly newsletter, was interviewed for a local newspaper, and had her big break through when she appeared on the Phil Donahue show. That one appearance boosted her subscription numbers from 1700 to 40,000.

By the time she closed up shop, she had published the newsletter for 6 years, had published 3 books, and wrapped it all up with The Complete Tightwad which combined all 3 books and included highlights from the last year of the newsletter.

So it's all ancient history (oh that hurts to write). Why read it now? Because her ways of thinking about money, about reusing, about being frugal are gold. Sure, her references to technology are dated, and who writes letters to manufacturers anymore, but the techniques she used and shares in the books for making wise financial decisions are solid. And that's why she shared them, so we could learn to think for ourselves rather than just taking her word for what is a good deal.

The Tightwad Gazette II by  Amy Dacyczyn - Paperback - First Edition - 1995 - from Top Notch books and

And so yes, I do recommend this book or any of the Tightwad Gazette books you can get your hands on. I picked mine up at the library book sale and the thrift store.

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