A Fun Day out at the Antiques Mall

What started out as a way for me to fill time while Isabelle was at Space Class at the Neil Armstrong Space Museum, turned into a fun day of adventures (and purchases) for the whole family.

During the hour I spent at the mall by myself, I found an old-fashioned sifter which  was the only item I went in looking for.

I do prefer this old style with the turning mechanism rather than the new ones with the squeezy handle, which tires out both of my hands long before I'm done sifting. This was a $7.50 win.

There was also an interesting end table and a set of dishes that I took pictures of to show Kenn. But it was time to go and pick up Isabelle, which I did. We went out for a diner lunch and because she hadn't been to the Mall for a while and we had time to kill before picking up Kenn, we went back to the Mall and explored a different area.

As we poked around the different stalls in the rooms, we came into a large room with an assortment of old children's toys and some games. And as it happens, we love board games. We play at least one daily and incorporate them into our home schooling plans. That said, there is one particular board game which really isn't a big deal to me -- Monopoly.

And yet, here it was... in all it's 50th anniversary glory...

wooden houses and hotels....

and a collection of all the retired tokens in metal. I paid a criminally high $15 for this complete set and only because of the metal tokens. Now I just have to psyche myself up to playing.

And we left just in time to pick up Kenn from his work day and brought him back to the Mall to see the end table and dishes. He was as intrigued by the table as I was, but said no to the dishes. Wait until you see the table...

What do you think? I opened the top drawer, intrigued by the idea of such shallow drawers. Is it some kind of a sewing table? I kind of hope so as it would help me keep a lot of my small bits and pieces organized.  But no!

Each drawer is actually a small table! Not as tall as a regulation tv tray, but SO handy for when you just need a little more surface space. And since we don't have a coffee table, there are perfect for our space! For $30, how could we not take it home.

And last but not least, a treat for Isabelle, a 1953 2nd grade reader she picked up and started reading while Kenn and I were poking around looking at the "boring grown-up stuff".

For $8, I hope she reads it more than just one time and given that she's already half way through, I know she is enjoying the stories.

This was a big buying day for me and as we continue decluttering and embracing minimalism, this doesn't happen often at all. But everything we purchased was 2nd hand, will be used regularly, and add beauty to our home.

I love the Antiques Mall almost as much as a good auction.
And a good time was had by all.


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