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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Winter Thrift Store Capsule Wardrobe

Choosing what to wear can be so difficult. Nothing matches. I have too much to choose from. I have nothing to wear. There has to be a better, simpler way. Am I right?

I've decided to go the capsule wardrobe route and finally, I am very happy with what I'm wearing. Although it was a rocky road getting here. I've had WAY too many clothes. And I've had (in my own mind) not enough clothes, clothes that don't match, clothes which were bought randomly, and clothes others told me look great. I've even tried the "I'll just wear scrubs at home since I'm a sahm" collection. And finally, I've put together a collection of clothes that are me. I love my capsule wardrobe.

Last autumn, I took $30 and headed out to the thrift stores with an idea of the look I wanted to create for myself, in a word - layers. And came home with these 4 outfits that I rotate through each week.


No, not me! This is a simple raspberry short-sleeve tshirt under a long-sleeve button up casual blouse over black slacks. 
At home, I am company-ready, and no need to take time to change clothes when I it's time to go to town.

Outfit #2 --

Tangerine short-sleeve tshirt under a long-sleeve light denim button up casual shirt over off-white slacks. And let me just add.... we do not have a full-length mirror, so this is the first time I've seen these slacks.... and I will be doing some tailoring this afternoon.  I did not know they fit this poorly. Live and learn, right?!
Upon further viewing, I have decided these slacks will be donated back to the thrift store and a new-to-me pair of black slacks will take their place. Black goes with all my winter tops.

Outfit #3 --

What's a winter wardrobe without a long-sleeved turtleneck in the mix? And it was time to take a break from the blues that I usually wear anyway.

And Outfit #4 --

I do love blue. And plaid. 

And did you notice that I wear the same earrings with every outfit? Yes. I do. It's called keep-it-simple. My ears are double-pierced so I wear a pair of opal studs in the upper holes with dangly earrings in the lower. I guess you could say it's my signature look.

Is four outfits enough? Well, for me it is. I'm not out digging ditches or slopping hogs so I don't get really really dirty in my day-to-day activities -- cleaning, cooking, crafting, etc. And I hang my clothes between wearings so it's not like they're mashed down in a hamper where no air circulates through. And every outfits is washed after two wearings.

It's simple. It's comfortable. It's stylish. It's my winter, thrift store, capsule wardrobe. 
Are you happy with your wardrobe? What changes would you like to make?
Let me know in the comments.

Peace -- Ann

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