Books I read last week

I picked up Minimalist Parenting thinking I'd get through it in a couple days, and sadly I was mistaken. There is a lot of (good) information in this book, and it was a lot to take in so I only got about half way through. And I'm good with that. I'm going to set it aside (return it to the library, my off-site book storage unit), and work on some of the suggestions.

If you're looking to make life simpler by cutting back in commitments, working hours, housekeeping hours, stuff, etc; this book can be a good help. I wouldn't recommend reading the whole thing and trying to do it all though. I'd focus on just one area.
What did you read last week? What are you planning to read this week? Let me know in the comments.



  1. I am reading A Nation and Not a Rabble: The Irish Revolution 1913-1923by Diarmaid Ferriter. I also have a few short story collections bookmarked on my tablet--I discovered Project Gutenberg Australia and they have lots of good stuff, some of which is available only on site. The short stories are good for when I want light reading or do not have a block of reading time. And I am caring for Fergus again, our elderly, diabetic canine buddy. He is supposed to get his insulin injection and then his food half an hour later. Even though he is staying with us, I do the meals and insulin at his house so I have a poetry book there--passes the half hour of waiting time.

  2. Recently, I read on a blog the suggestion of always having 3 books going -- Educational (something you want to learn), enhancing (a personal growth type of book), and entertainment (for those times you just want to be entertained). I think that's a good recommendation. And I usually keep entertainment books on my kindle... primarily because I'm too cheap to pay for the other 2 books on my kindle.

  3. I like that idea! Everything on my kindle and nook (had the nook and friend sent me a kindle for my birthday a little over a year ago) is free from Project Gutenberg, University of Chicago Press, various other sites. Charity shops here are a great source of books too--this is definitely a reading country and I have found some good stuff in the charity shops! And our neighbour asked us to go through his late wife's books and take what we wanted--then he gave us a bookcase to fill with what we chose :-) Somehow we have restocked ourselves after moving here with just a few books. Happy reading!!


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