Crochet Pretty Dishcloth Pattern

Crochet dishcloths made from Sugar & Cream yarn
Using a medium, 4, worsted, 4-ply weight yarn and a G hook, I made these dishcloths --

This photo shows how the chain end will look after crocheting the SC into the back loop of the CH. It creates a finished edge without having to back and finishing the edge.

CH 17, turn.
Row 1 - Skip the first CH, then SC into the back loop of each CH across. Turn.
Row 2 - SC in first SC. DC in next SC. Alternate SC and DC all the way across. Turn.
Row 3 - SC in first DC. DC in first SC. Alternate SC and DC all the way across. Turn.
Row 4 thru 16 - Repeat row 4 eleven times. Turn.
Row 17 - SC in every stitch across and tie off. 

This photo shows the texture created by alternating SC and DC in each row.

Note: I used no turning stitches at the end of each row. Doing this, squared up my dishcloths to a 4" x 4" size, and kept the edges tight.

If you have any questions about my pattern, please ask in the comments below.


  1. So pretty! I should probably make some of these but I can't bring myself to do it. My great-aunt made me some but I don't want to "ruin" her gift by using them to clean my dirty dishes, you know?

    1. Oh my gosh!! Use the ones your aunt made for you!! Today!!

      My great-grandma made quilts for her grandchildren as a wedding gift, and once she heard all those quilts were stored away rather than being used, she "got after" everybody to start using their quilt. Quilts (and dishcloths) are meant to be used. And if the dishcloth happens to also be pretty, then enjoy the prettiness.

      Utility items don't have to be ugly to be useful. Let's make everything pretty as well as useful!!


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