Creative Juices are Flowing

Crochet Dishcloths, Rice Bags Sewn, Socks Repaired (not darned - I don't do darning)

Creating things makes me feel better. I mean really, a lot better. So I've dusted off the crochet hooks and the sewing machine, and I've gotten busy. It's not a lot, not really. But it's a start.

Some variegated green crochet dishcloths

And some variegated bright pink crochet dishcloths

And some rice bags, using up some leftover frog fabric - ribbit ribbit. I'll tell you that I've always used these warmed, but learned recently that they can also be stored in the freezer for when an ice pack is needed. I love multi-use, don't you?

On the marker board in the dining/sewing room, I've been making notes of other projects I'd like to make in the near future.

Ready? Set. Sew!!


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