Handcrafting this Week

 There is always a WIP in my basket, and right now, there are actually too many WIPs.  It's time to get some of them done.

Yesterday, I focused on some flannel napkins that I've been thinking about making for way too long. So here are the first three completed with my first mitered corners.  I'm quite pleased with them.


On the crochet side, I finished this set of 8 dishcloths - a simple little project. Each one takes less than an hour, so why did it take me 2 weeks to get these done?!  Oh well, they're done now.  I just need to make the scrubbie to go with them and off they go to a friend.

So that's two down and 5 (I think) to go, including -- 

this blanket which I started over a year ago before we left Australia. 

and this pretty shawl which I have mixed feelings about. I may end up pulling it all out and doing something different with this cotton.

and this project of granny squares which I think was going to be an over-sized doily. Sadly, I don't remember why I started it, but I'll finish it anyway.

and these two nightgowns for Isabelle.  Has anybody seen my box of thread because I've lost it and that's what is holding up these projects?  No?  I'll have to go and buy some basic colors and get these done before summer is over.

These should keep me busy and I WILL get at least two of them done this week.  
What are you working on?




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