Sewing, Gardening, Homeschooling, Crochet, and all the rest...

Homeschooling -- Still waiting for confirmation from the group admin that my sign-up was processed.  I'll follow up with an email tomorrow.

My excitement about homeschooling is staying true. Isabelle and I have moved through the challenging time we've been having for the last year or so, which is to say that I've improved my own techniques and methods for parenting so we're not butting heads so much.

We already do some informal school time, but it is rather haphazard, so I'm starting to do some research for setting a couple of goals so we can develop a more effective system. I'm sure most of what we'll be doing for kindergarten is learning by doing than actual book/paper work.  But will be nice for the book/paper work to be headed in a specific direction.

Antiquing -- The kitchenaid mixer made a loud growling noise when it ran, so I didn't get it.  And surprisingly, I am a bit disappointed.  I guess by the time I was in the store carrying it up to the checkout, I had already developed a bit of attachment to owning it.  Oh well.  I'll just keep an open eye and when I least expect it, another will come to me.

Pinterest  -- Following up on last week's post about working through some projects, um well...  I did select 5 to do!  And we've started gathering supplies, but when the budget is tight, it's a bit of a slow process, at least until we get a bit of a surplus going.

Crochet -- The blanket is coming along!  It's just not a fast process as each row is over 200 stitches.  My plan each day is to complete at least 2 rows and so far, I am hitting the goal, but it's still going to take a while.

And I've found my next crochet project -- some baskets of various shapes and sizes.  This will help me work through a bit of the stockpile of yarn I have without accumulating way too many scarves.  Plus I've been watching for baskets at the thrift stores and crocheted baskets will do nicely.

Gardening -- The snow is all gone!!!  Tomorrow is forecasted to be up into the 70s, but the rest of the week is back down to 40s.  So yes, spring is coming, but it's still quite early.  Still keeping an eye out for some tree pruners to start the tree-pruning before they get into bud. <crosses fingers>  Isabelle and I have been out gathering up sticks from under the maple trees.  After we get them collected, I'll spend some time snapping them into a 12" - 18" length to use for kindling.

Weight loss and fitness -- Only made it to the Y on one day this week for my official walk time.  And I didn't take a waist measurement this morning so wish me luck for a better next week!

Budget -- Week 2 of an official budget meeting with Kenn and us working together on the bills. We've decided one of the simplest and quickest ways to add to our income and start really getting ahead is to move back into the big house and get a tenant in the cottage, where we're now living.

The big house, at this time, has no water and no heat, so I'll be calling tomorrow to arrange for a few plumbers/handymen to come out and give us quotes on the fixing the water pipes, and we'll hopefully get the work done in the next couple weeks.  Then we can move in, get the cottage ready for a tenant and get it rented.  Then we can look toward September for getting the heat fixed in the big house.  One step at a time and it all comes together.

Sewing -- I made 3 small bean (rice) bags for a tossing game for Isabelle and I to play in the house.  It's gone over well, so this week, I'll make another set of 3 in a different fabric.  And I'd like to convert an old pair of Kenn's jeans into a gardening apron.

Meal-Planning - Chicken, Potatoes, Green Beans; Chicken, Angel hair pasta, California medley veg; Potato soup; Sloppy joes, Mac n cheese, veg; Broccoli, Rice and Chicken casserole; Shepherd pie

Oh!  How could I forget??  Something new I'm doing for myself  is that I am making a conscious effort to be happier and smile more.  You know... find the joy in the little things.  Isabelle has been telling me lately that I look sad, and it's not good for her or me to have me looking that way, whether it matches how I feel or not, so here's for more smiles!

And so my reader, I hope you're wrapping up a happy, successful week, and are looking forward to another.  Please, let me know!  I'd love to hear about your goals, successes, and challenges.

Life as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) and so it goes -- One Step at a Time.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.



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