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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Morning Battle...... or not

I am a morning person... no doubt about it.  I naturally wake up about 5:30, and I love getting right to work and checking tasks off my to-do list.

My husband and daughter....  not so much. And therein is the battle.

In Australia, it wasn't so noticeable that Isabelle isn't a morning person because Kenn had a company car and so, I didn't have to get myself and Isabelle around in the morning to take him to work in order for us to have the car.  Also, her kindy (preschool) didn't start until 8:45 so she could sleep until 8 and still have time to get herself ready for the day.

But our schedule here requires us to be on the road by 8 to get Kenn to work on time.  And it's a 15+ minute drive into town, which isn't a big deal except that since we're already in town, I'd like to get all the errands run before coming back home.  And that means I need Isabelle to have her morning routine (use toilet, get dressed, teeth and hair brushed and breakfast eaten) before we left home.  And it's just not happening.  She would much rather  play, sing and dance when she gets up.

 There is just no motivation in her to do the MR stuff.

So this morning started out as most other mornings do, Kenn and I were up and about, getting our own MRs done when, a little after 7, Isabelle came out of her room...  ready for some play time.  Kenn reminded her to use the toilet.  I reminded her about her morning routine.  And she's all...  La La  La...  play with the cat... ignore Dad and Mom... too busy being 4  y/o...  :)    aarrgghh, right?

And then it hit me, why am I fighting this battle?  I mean really!  Yes, there is laundry that has to go to the laundromat. Yes, there is shopping I want to do, and a package I have to get mailed.  BUT wouldn't I love to do these errands all by myself?  Oh yea, baby.  That would be lovely!

So if Isabelle wants to play and goof around in her pajamas and not go to town,  why am I getting myself all in a twist over it?  Time for a chat with Kenn...  :)  And we changed the game! We both untwisted our panties, well briefs, and just played along with Isabelle.  When Kenn left for work, Isabelle and I cheerfully waved good-bye to him and went back to playing. What a relief!  And she still had her MR done by 9:30!

Kenn and I planned during our talk, that this evening after he gets home and we all eat supper, I'll take the car and laundry into town.  I'll enjoy the time away from the house, wash the laundry, and run my errands.  Bonus:  he gets the one on one time with Isabelle which she LOVES.

As parents, we have to choose our battles.  And play to our strengths.  My strength is to stay home in the morning and knock out my Morning Work so I can relax and enjoy my afternoons.  Recognizing Isabelle as a non-morning person makes the morning go so much better.

So, no more battles in the morning. And more dancing!!

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