A Day Out... aka Thursday is for Running Errands

And errands we did run....

After loading up the car with shopping bags, full laundry baskets, a bin full of plastics for recycling, and writing out my shopping list, we hit the road.

Of course, we stopped at the bank first to withdraw cash for shopping and a roll of quarters for the laundry. And then we were off to the laundromat.

We unloaded the laundry baskets from the car, carried them in, and started up 3 washers with our dirty clothes plus an appropriate amount of soap. On to the library.

While Kenn was getting Isabelle out of the car (I have no idea why it takes her so long, and it makes me crazy!), I went on in and started looking for books for myself.  I didn't have anything in particular in mind, but had been thinking about learning more about Buddhism.  So I found a couple books on Buddhism, and as I was walking toward the front desk, thought it might be fun to do some reading about Monet and showing his works to Isabelle.

Found a couple of books on Monet - one a bit of a biography, and the other focusing on his works.  The biography has a fairly detailed layout of his gardens which I think I am going to use as inspiration for my own gardens come spring.

As I was leaving, I noticed the Books for Sale shelf and strolled past.  There on the very last shelf was a collection of children's books, including a bunch of homeschooling books.  Cha-ching!  I brought home a science textbook and a generic project for each day book. Total spending 75 cents.

Time to head upstairs and relieve Kenn so he can look for some books while I entertain Isabelle. Oh, and I want to pick up some classic fairy tale books to read to her too.  Somehow, we've skipped over these. I think Kenn ended up checking out about 30 books on his card.

Back to the laundromat to pick up the clothes, and one load didn't get clean.  Restart that washer (there goes the last of the $10), grab the basket with the clean clothes and go to Aldi for food shopping.

We were in and out of Aldi in less time than we spend at the library!  That is one of the things that I love about Aldi.  It's a small store and covers all the basics. No meat this week so the total was just $65. Nice!

But sadly, there were 5 things we need that Aldi doesn't carry, so we have to go to the dreaded WM store. Kenn waits in the car with Isabelle while I go in. $32!!!  We were nearly out of Nido which is powdered whole milk that I use in our cocoa mix.  It's $16, but it's worth it.

Man, I'm getting tired.  Are we done yet?  Can we head home?  Oh, wait no.  Have to pick up the laundry.

And stop at the recyclers.

And now home.  It's after 1pm.  I think we left about 10am.  Poor planning crossing the lunch hour like that. And we didn't make it to the Old Tyme Pantry which is run by the local Menonnite, or the Thrift Store.  But there is always tomorrow.

Do you batch your errands and knock them all out on one day?  Would you rather spend an hour at the library than at the grocery store?

And yes, I did take a nap after making and eating lunch. 


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