A Normal Day

Rise and Shine

Made breakfast and packed a lunch for husband

Dropped husband at work and laundry at the laundromat.  Made a deposit at the bank, then picked up the laundry.  Went to the Y for a swim while daughter played in the children's room.

Home for lunch, some down time involving Gilmore Girls and crochet.

A quiet afternoon of napping, reading, and playing Clue.  Chatted with a client about a new project.

Picked up husband.  Made supper.  Read story to daughter and tucked her into bed.  And now some end of the day down time- crochet and Numb3rs.

It's 8:10pm.  I could go to bed now.

Completed cotton dish cloths and a nylon scrubbie

Today's meals:
Breakfast:  toast with pb and a glass of milk
Lunch: tuna salad and crackers, glass of milk
Supper:  potato soup, tossed salad
Snack:  apple & pb

Day 1 of swimming:  8 laps in 20 minutes


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