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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The things I say....

A month or so ago, I started buying our milk from a local dairy. It comes in half-gallon glass jars with plastic lids, has 5% milk fat (yum!), and costs $3, which is a little pricey, but it's worth it.

It's worth that price for so many reasons, including:  We're supporting a small, local dairy. The flavor and creaminess are wonderful. And the only trash generated is the plastic cap. We pay a $2 deposit on each jar which is refunded when we return them.

So the other day, I was chatting away and popped off with "Wouldn't it be great if our only trash was the lids from the milk?! Hahaha"  *giant pause* Whoooaa... what if that was our only trash? And how can I make that happen?

This week, I am paying special attention to the trash as it goes into the bin, and there is a fair amount of trash coming through the mail. I will call into the post office next week to find out how much of it can be blocked before it comes in the mail box. Meat comes in recyclable containers, which is ok, but not great. I also buy quite a bit of frozen vegetables and that packaging is not recyclable. I've stopped buying the frozen hash browns and frozen fish filets.

My goal is to get our trash down to just the lids on the milk by the end of the year.

What steps have you taken to reduce your trash?


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