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Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Birthday Present

My daughter was invited to a birthday party for a classmate. When I called to confirm she would be attending, I didn't get to talk to a person... only leave a message. And no one returned my call. That's ok. It just means I have had no interaction with the parents, have no idea who they are, or anything about them.

The invitation didn't say anything about no presents, preferences or whatever. And my daughter expects that she will take a present...  a fair assumption. So....  now what?

We came up with this bundle.

Starting with a bit over a yard of handkerchief fabric which came from my stash, we added....

a one-of-a-kind card made by my daughter using colored paper, markers of all sorts, and of course....  stickers (they're inside)!

Last night, I took a stroll through our collection of books and pulled out a dozen or so that I thought would make good presents -- no writing on the inside, appropriate reading level, and not in high demand by my own daughter.

She chose these for her friend. Now before you starting doing the math, keep in mind that all these books were bought at thrift stores for either 50 or 80 cents each.

Tadaaa!! It may not be the present you would expect to get at a 6 y/o birthday party, but I believe it will be a success.

But.. but..  what is the friend going to do with that piece of fabric if she doesn't sew? That's a really good question! Daughter and I took about 5 minutes and came up with these ideas. I'm sure there are more.

Head scarf
Baby doll carrier

Shawl/shoulder wrap

Sarong/skirt/beach cover up

Children's birthdays don't have to be expensive to be fun and successful.
What do you think?


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