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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday rest, relaxation, and homemaking

Actually, I'm not sure how much resting is going to happen today, but I have been working on some relaxing projects and also rejuvenating my spirit.  These are small projects on my homemaking list -- those little things we do to make a house into a home for our families.

After catching up the dishes this morning, I jumped right into one of my favorite projects -- baking bread, and turned out these 2 beauties.

Look at that crumb.  Don't you just want to spread a big glob of butter on a slice and eat it with a glass milk??  Maybe it's just me, but that's exactly what I did!

Watermelon for afternoon tea is cubed and ready for eating.

We found a recipe for a banana smoothie to make and drink for breakfast this morning.  Daughter was too happy to help with the honey!

While looking for the curtains, I found the tablecloth I made in Australia and brought back.  It was so easy to just lay it on the table, but it makes such a difference to the room.  When we eat, I take it off so it stays clean.

And I finally found the curtains.  One set was made over a year ago before I left for Australia and hung in the kitchen in the main house here on our property.  Well, they were the first thing I scavenged from that house to bring to the cottage.  So I hung them in the window over the counter where I do all the prep work for cooking.  

This set I made using the same technique as the other set.  I cut a long curtain in half and hemmed the cut edge by turning under 1 row of gingham and then turning that new edge up 2 rows.  This put about a 1" hem on the side.  Then on a now short-side, I turned down an 8 row hem and turned under 1 row.  I sewed at the bottom edge and between the 3rd and 4th rows to make a pocket for the curtain rod.  Long, straight sewing.  Doesn't get any easier than that.  And now both the kitchen windows have curtains instead of blinds.

All in all, it's been a productive and at the same time, relaxing morning.  I love doing these kinds of projects.  There is still a pair of Husband's slacks to hem, but right now I may grab Daughter, a book, and go lay down for a rest.

I hope you are spending time with your family and renewing your spirit on this weekend.  Cheers!  oxoxo

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