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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Winding down winter in Australia, I miss snow.  I like snow.  It's pretty.  I like the way it muffles sound.  I LOVE waking up to a fresh blanket of snow of a cold, crispy morning and being the first to make prints in the snow.  I like looking at the prints of other animals in the snow to see who visited while I was away.

That said, I will miss the frugality of the Australia winter.  No winter snow boots.  No heavy winter coat.  No hat, scarf, and mittens.  I wore my capri pants all winter.  With sandels.  Oh yes, some of the mornings were cold and I borrowed mid-calf socks from my husband, but those days were few and far between.  Most days I wore a tshirt with a flannel shirt over it.  Or a singlet (tank top) under a blouse. No jacket.  Yes, winter in Australia is much more frugal than winter in the midwest of the US.

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