for discussion -- Money Secrets of the Amish by Lorilee Craker

                I am in a book group and we're discussing this book and since I'm leading the discussions, I thought this would be a good place to share the discussions.

                There is a subculture here in the USA which came through the 2008 crash without experiencing huge lay-offs and financial distress.  The Amish, with their simple lifestyle and tight communities, clotheslines and buggies, are doing some things right, and the rest of us, the Englischers, might learn something from them.

                “When compared to our Englischer money bungles, the Amish way of wealth is a whole inverted lifestyle of thrift, self-control, carefulness, sharing, and community.  It’s a curious prosperity—a rootedness, simplicity, and a step back to “quaint” money values—that goes way beyond debt-free living.”

                 The money secrets of the Amish are like “spokes in a wheel” and while we will focus on just one at a time, it is all of them together which bring success.

Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, or do Without
                We’ve all heard or read this somewhere, at least once, right?  But have you embraced it?  Have you shopped yoru closet or house?  Have you repaired rather than replaced?  Have you made do rather than buying new?  (sorry about the rhyme  :D)

                  Make a list of 5 items you would like to replace, but won’t because they still have life in them and/or can be repaired?

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